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Baking Europe archive

Listed below is a complete archive of all our publications presenting new ideas and the latest innovative thinking and concepts.

Each issue includes incisive and engaging editorial looking at all aspects of the baking, confectionery, snack, sandwich and patisserie product markets from ingredients and additives, machinery through a unique look at market intelligence and energy.


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Baking Europe summer 2022Summer 2022
  • When the usual is no longer an option. We search far and wide for the new usual. From re-discovered fl ours and misunderstood gums, to new coff ee oils and glycerol alternatives
  • Xanthan Gum. Does it have the X Factor?
  • Bucking the trend. Discovering new wheats on the block
  • Sonic Boom! Process times faster than the speed of sound
  • The heat is off. Reducing time and energy with Vacuum cooling


Baking Europe spring 2022Spring 2022
  • BRRR It's Getting Cold in Here. Why we are turning the temperature down to save waste
  • I'm a Baker: Get me Ooutta Here. Insects are the future; we find out how and why
  • Biscuits, Biscuits Everywhere, But Which One Can I Eat? The latest research into what shoppers are really looking for
  • Sustainable Snacking. We find out how snacking correctly is better for the consumer and the planet
  • Airport Style Scanning for Your Loaf – Making theRight Choice! No, your bread isn't preparing for a flight, but it will be safe to eat


Baking Europe winter 2021Winter 2021
  • Sustainability Special. How the baking industry will rise to the challenge
  • Revisiting an Overlooked Protein Source. The latest research on microbial proteins
  • Thinking Outside the Box. Product design is no longer just how it looks
  • Baking Industry Innovations. How today’s research will harvest a greener tomorrow


Baking Europe autumn 2021Autumn 2021
  • Allergens and Food Safety. Keeping your food production safe. From Natasha's law to shellfish allergies
  • Can't Eat, Won't Eat. Malnutrition in the elderly isn't always what it seems
  • Browned Off. The latest research on reducing acrylamide production
  • The Wrong Way Round. Can you really eat food the wrong way?
  • Technology Special. Hot off the press – A quicker bake with Thermal energy?


Baking Europe summer 2021Summer 2021
  • The Tortilla Market is Growing Again. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?
  • Sprouted Wheat Products. Time for a fresh look at this
  • Food Additives and Hidden Dangers. Current research on sulphiting agents and carrageenan
  • Food Names. Getting this wrong could spell a marketing disaster
  • New Baking Academies Now Open. Two more machinery manufacturers open their doors


Baking Europe spring 2021Spring 2021
  • Plants In, Animal Out! Another fad or is this trend really here to stay?
  • The "Cronut and the Croiffle" are Back. But is this "fusion" or "con-fusion?
  • Salt Replacement. Potassium is the new serious contender to sodium
  • Gut Health. Microbiome activity is finally being understood
  • Food Flavouring. Discoveries made using AI


Baking Europe winter 2020Winter 2020
  • "Sustainability – Natural – Traceable – Organic". The consumer message is deafening – should you be listening more closely?
  • Healthy snacking. Stay ahead of this growing trend
  • Bread! Is it going out of fashion?
  • Packaging. Seaweed might be the golden bullet to recyclable packaging
  • Intellectual property. Do your brands need legal protection?


Baking Europe autumn 2020Autumn 2020
  • Back to baking? It’s a gas. Four essential gases make for the perfect loaf. Why does this matter?
  • What will the bakery supply chain look like post Brexit?
  • Prunes in baking. This once ugly-duckling is a highly nutritious and functional fruit
  • Loss of smell and taste due to Covid-19. Temporary or permanent?


Baking Europe spring 2020Spring/Summer 2020
  • Flour improvers. Can they be natural?
  • Investigating Eggs. The natural multi-vitamin
  • Energy – new design of solar panels. Huge savings possible
  • Refrigeration. Legislating for consumers' fridges being set correctly
  • Food safety. Interview with Klüber Lubrication's technical experts


Baking Europe winter 2019Winter 2019
  • Plant-based proteins. Sustainable, but how effective are they against animal proteins?
  • Allergens. Reduce your risks
  • Shoppers with impaired vision. New technology vs Braille
  • Nutritious snacks... ...for those on-the-go
  • Sustainability. Eco-friendly equipment


Baking Europe autumn 2019Autumn 2019
  • Food safety. Dealing with physical contamination
  • Oats and barley. Reducing glycaemic response
  • Artificial tongue. Let this do your tasting
  • Alternative packaging materials. Make plastics old school
  • Anniversary supplement. Milestone birthdays for three major bakery organisations


Baking Europe summer 2019Summer 2019
  • Food safety. Non-baked fillings and creams – how safe are they?
  • 3D food printing. The key to personalised nutrition
  • Gluten-free bread. The holy grail of good loaf volume is in touching distance
  • From the USA. A reprieve for refined grains? Is this another case of historical injustice?
  • Two major up and coming shows. IBIE in Las Vegas & Südback in Stuttgart


Baking Europe spring 2019Spring 2019
  • INNOVATION, INNOVATION, INNOVATION From universities to suppliers - it's all over this issue like a rash
  • Cultured plant cells. The solution to global resources
  • How fluffy are your cakes? It's all in the maths
  • Coloured products = greater sales Choose the right colour for success – and that could mean purple


Baking Europe winter 2018Winter 2018
  • HEALTHIER BISCUITS Lower sugar content; Calorie reduction using hydrogels; Saturated fat replacement
  • Automation in Despatch - A Case Study. Boost the efficiency of your picking and packing operation
  • Calorie Reduction Using Hydrogels. a solution that could help to reduce obesity through the use of hydrogels
  • EHEDG Congress. Highlights of the European Hygienic Design Group's annual conference


Baking Europe autumn 2018Autumn 2018
  • BETTER LAMINATED PASTRY! Are your bubbles the right shape?
  • Adding vegetables for better bread. Vegetable-bread to improve human health
  • Perfect pizzas – the solution is in the science!. The secrets of baking the perfect pizza
  • Brexit. Need to know health claims, organic status, food information
  • Exhibition fever is upon us. Iba, EHEDG, Food Matters Live


Baking Europe summer 2018Summer 2018
  • BAKING WHERE NO ONE HAS BAKED BEFORE! The first extra-terrestrial mini bakery is being tested on the (ISS) International Space Station
  • Snacks And Food-On-The-Go. Everyone seems to be in a hurry so we feature healthier, sugar reduced cakes and bars
  • Oats. The latest healthy gluten-free ingredient - find out why you should be getting yours
  • Plastic "Eating" Proteins. Plastic packaging waste – your days are numbered
  • Revolutionary Cleaning System Using - Bubbles. Innocuous air pockets that can clean surfaces at microscopic levels


Baking Europe spring 2018Spring 2018
  • STABILISATION How robust are your cakes and foamed products? A refreshing look at the science and new solutions
  • Zinc Fortification. Are Europeans really getting enough?
  • Dietary Fibre. Step aside grains – blackcurrant pomace could soon be on-trend
  • Yeast and Enzymes. Cosier bed-pals than you might think
  • Floating Food! Is it time to ditch the cutlery? A bizarre new technology could soon see your food delivered to your restaurant table or cinema seat in mid-air! Intrigued? Then read on – it is happening right now!


Baking Europe winter 2017Winter 2017
  • ASTON FOODS. VACUUM COOLING An Interview with the new CEO at Aston Foods International
  • Sugar. Sweet success a bitter taste
  • Energy Efficiency. Use those Kws wisely!
  • Smart/multisensory packaging. How sandpaper was used in research
  • Egyptian Flatbreads. Baladee
  • LEDs used in surface disinfectant


Baking Europe autumn 2017Autumn 2017
  • ACTIVE PACKAGING MATERIALS ARE ON TREND Longer shelf-life – safer – eco-friendly
  • Insects as bakery ingredients?. Where there's yuck, there's brass! Coming soon to a bakery near you?
  • Dough rheology Be not afraid! Time to go with the flow?
  • Allergen labelling. The rules, the regs, the debate
  • Automated sandwich production for small batch runs


Baking Europe summer 2017Summer 2017
  • AUTOMATION Now in smaller packages for smaller bakeries. And the ROI could be more attractive than you thought
  • Sandwich Production. New robotics
  • Fats and Salt. New research that could change your recipe books for good!
  • Spraying Wastage. How much are your spray nozzles costing you?
  • Gluten Free. Has the holy grail of dough volume finally been discovered?
  • ...much more innovation and science from "Across the pond"


Baking Europe spring 2017Spring 2017
  • GLUTEN-FREE DOUGH PROCESSING The challenges and possible solutions examined
  • Yeasts. New developments
  • Food colours from autumn leaves
  • Vacuum cooling
  • No-stick coatings
  • Energy and waste efficiencies


Baking Europe winter 2016Winter 2016
  • HYGIENIC DESIGN Is your bakery plant really clean?
  • Students' Corner. A new section
  • Blueprinting for Food Products
  • The Psychology of Portion Size
  • Minimising Packaging Waste
  • Vitamin D


Baking Europe autumn 2016Autumn 2016
  • New Studies in Multisensory Perception
  • Personalised Nutrition. Passing Fad or the Future?
  • Bubble Stability. New Research into an Old Problem
  • Ingredient Traceability


Baking Europe summer 2016Summer 2016

  • OBESITY - IS IT NOW THE TURN OF BAKERS'S YEAST TO STAND IN THE DOCK? NTNU Norway presents their case for the prosecution
  • Sensory Profiling
  • Microbiological Safety
  • Plant Sterols
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Barcoding


Baking Europe spring 2016Spring 2016
  • 3D PRINTING - FROM PC TO BAKERY A 21st Century food revolution or just another fad?
  • Proteins. New science, new developments new applications
  • Dough Rheology. A close look at the gluten network
  • Humidity Control. The secret of a great crust?
  • Folic Acid. Special report on flour fortification
  • Spore Contamination. What's hiding in your bakery plant?


Baking Europe winter 2015Winter 2015
  • TASTE! A SINGLE WORD BUT A HIGHLY COMPLEX SUBJECT We take a peek down the microscope
  • Additives. The good the bad and the functional!
  • Reformulation. Salt/fat/sugar replacement
  • Chocolate. 'Personalised' flavouring
  • A Revolutionary Compressor Design
  • Edible Packaging


Baking Europe autumn 2015Autumn 2015
  • GLUTEN FREE:- OPPORTUNITY OR CHALLENGE? Mixes and textural characteristics
  • iba Bakery Fair Munich
  • Hygienic Design. Who's responsible?
  • Chemical Migration in Packaging. Have you got the problem wrapped up?
  • Special Report from ASEMAC. The Spanish Bakery Association celebrating 25 years
  • PPMA Show Birmingham UK


Baking Europe summer 2015Summer 2015
  • iba 2015 Preview
  • Gluten Free. Enzymes
  • Vacuum Cooling
  • Ancient Grains
  • Scottish Schools Programme


Baking Europe spring 2015Spring 2015
  • SPECIAL ISSUE: ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THE BAKERY – PART 1 THE BUILDING From solar power, heat recovery to straw bale construction – medieval technology in the 21st Century!
  • GLUTEN FREE: Gluten free Guarantee Faba beans
  • BAKE-OFF: New ingredient developments
  • FLOORING:. Is it really hygienic? Is it durable?


Baking Europe winter 2014Winter 2014
  • GLUTEN-FREE: A report from Coeliac UK. Sourdough products. Gluten free oats
  • Pizza in Space!. "One small slice for man?" 3-D food printing for astronauts
  • Frozen Dough and GI Response
  • Food Information Regulations
  • Eco-friendly Packaging
  • Energy Efficient Refrigerated Transport


Baking Europe autumn 2014Autumn 2014
  • PPMA SHOW BIRMINGHAM, UK An in-depth look at automation, robotics and packaging
  • Vacuum Cooling Technology. Latest R&D from Campden BRI
  • Protection for Suppliers to UK Supermarkets. We interview Christine Tacon, the UK Grocery Codes Adjudicator
  • Taste Perception. From enzymes to genetics – what are the driving forces?


Baking Europe summer 2014Summer 2014

  • DOUGH STABILITY A special report from Campden BRI
  • Dough Processing. IGV explains the benefits of continuous kneading
  • Bananas!. Innovative uses for Europe's favourite fruit CIRAD
  • Energy Efficiency in Bakeries. Significant energy savings are discussed by Jörg Schulz of ttz Bremerhaven
  • Infrared Sterilisation. 21st Century hygiene technology in the bakery. Rego Herlitzius discusses this cost effective technology


Baking Europe spring 2014Spring 2014
  • 'FREE-FROM' A considered look at the current research
  • Healthy Convenience Foods. More than oxymoron? The AIBI explains
  • Salts and Fats. FEDIMA lifts the lid on a simmering issue
  • Baking with Sound! Research at the speed of ultrasound - you heard it here first
  • LEDs and OLEDs. Luger Research: lighting the way to 50% energy savings
  • Nuts and Juices! INC and AIJN examine some remarkable health benefits


Baking Europe autumn/winter 2013Autumn/Winter 2013
  • SPECIAL COUNTRY FOCUS ON THE GERMAN BAKERY & PATISSERIE MARKET 300 types of bread. EUR 13.4 billion sales. 6.4 million tons of bread
  • Dried Fruit and nuts. The new super-foods?
  • Food Safety. Are acrylamides back? Reduce spoilage – Leatherhead Food Research explains how
  • Hygienic Design. EHEDG's new Bakery Subgroup kicks off
  • Enrgy Optimisation. It's not just about the oven temperature! Innovative research by Campden BRI