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Industry and research news archive from 2020

AB MAURI has reassured its soya customer base of the sustainability of its products

Soya sustainability

AB MAURI has reassured its soya customer base of the sustainability of its products (regardless of bean origin) by making a further commitment to growers associated with Soya UK, the largest supplier of Soya, Lupin and Millet seed in the UK. AB MAURI's first agreement with Soya UK was made in 2019 and now the company has confirmed plans to continue its commitment to the UK crop. This is now starting to filter into the formulation of the company's soya flour range ...

FRITSCH makes charitable donation to a children's cancer ward

FRITSCH makes charitable donation to a children's cancer ward

A recent sale of warehouse pallets to FRITSCH staff has raised more than €1.500 for a children’s cancer ward charity. The donation was then further increased to €2.500 by both managing directors, Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel, respectively. The money was handed over by Gabriel and Eyd to Monika Demmich (pictured below), chairman of the 'Station Regenbogen eV', Würzburg, an association founded in 1984 to support the children’s cancer ward and affected families through associated hardships ...

Hovis announces acquisition by Endless LLP

Hovis announces acquisition by Endless LLP

On the 6 November well-known bakery business and brand, Hovis, announced its acquisition by UK-based private equity firm Endless LLP for an undisclosed sum. Endless has caught Hovis on an upward trajectory as it continues the recovery of the past few years while developing plans for future growth, which the firm’s investment will help realise ...

New CEO for Zeelandia

New CEO for Zeelandia.

Irénke Meekma has been appointed CEO at Koninklijke Zeelandia Groep. The highly experienced senior executive, who has a background in production and purchasing, was managing director of the Fresh/Bakker Division at Greenyard for the last 13 years following a successful and upwardly mobile career at Albert Heijn ...

Salt reduction targets for 2024

Dust concerns settled. Revised Industry Dust Guidance published.

The Federation of Bakers (FoB) has just published a revised Guidance on Dust Control and Health Surveillance in Bakeries (its 'Blue Book') following a comprehensive review. The industry guidance relates to occupational health, including respiratory exposure to flour and other ingredient dusts and was reviewed out by the FOB Health and Safety Committee (FHSC) which includes representatives from all sectors of the bakery ...

Salt reduction targets for 2024

Salt in the system. Salt reduction targets for 2024 released.

The voluntary salt reduction targets for 2024 were published to "encourage businesses to further reduce salt levels in the foods that contribute most to salt intakes". The document outlines targets for levels of salt in food products and drinks, part of PHE’s reduction and reformulation programme. It offers specific guidance on grams of salt or mg of sodium per 100g in various foodstuffs including baked products ...

verhoeven oss has now become verhoeven family of companies


Following a move to new commercial premises, Verhoeven has made a long-awaited transition that will give the company a stronger position in the market. 'VERHOEVEN FAMILY OF COMPANIES' is now the collective name of an organisation that has been active for more than 50 years in the production of custom-made systems for internal transport, bespoke equipment, storage and material handling ...

Gordon Polson, Chief Executive of the Federation of Bakers

New review recognises the loaf as a keystone of good health

The updated review, supported by the Federation, examines the role of bread in the UK diet and its contribution to mass public intake of nutrients. It also investigates the components of bread and claims relating to their health benefits, as well as commercial and other trends relating to the product ...

fortify flour with vitamin D

Is it time to fortify flour with vitamin D

A study by scientists at the University of Birmingham last year recommended that vitamin D should be used in the fortification of flour and now with new studies suggesting that the vitamin protects against viruses, including those responsible for respiratory infections, the time for action may have arrived ...

Felix Egger, CEO, RONDO and Roger Butler, CEO, NABIM

New CEOs appointed for RONDO Group and NABIM

The baking industry sees the appointment of two new CEOs this month. Felix Egger was confirmed in the role of CEO by the RONDO’s board of directors, and Roger Butler, chairman of Whitworth Bros and Carr's Flour mills, takes over as CEO of the National Association of British and Irish Millers (NABIM) ...

Fritsch's #SaveOurBakers project

Social media campaign gives a voice to small German bakers

Fritsch's #SaveOurBakers project reveals the ingenuity and enterprise of artisan bakers.

Following the pandemic outbreak and imposition of lockdown FRITSCH began a social media campaign, #SaveOurBakers, to highlight the personal experiences of bakers. Katrin Schöps of the company provided an update on the initiative and how it is progressing ...

food and drink events

Report indicates how food and drink exports have been affected by lockdowns

The UK Food & Drink Federation (FDF) has reported a drop in UK food & drink exports during the pandemic of over £700 million to £5.1 billion.

A reduction of 12.7% compared with the same time-period last year. Worst hit were exports to EU countries, which fell by 17.4% to £3.1 billion, mainly due to the pandemic and its impact on the hospitality sector ...

Henrik Oevermann

DIOSNA's Henrik Oevermann unfazed by the challenges of lockdown

How a mixing machine manufacturer serving the baking industry made a seamless transition of adaptation to ensure safety and maintenance of supply when the pandemic hit.

As German industry locked down in response to coronavirus the CEO of DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne GmbH shared his thoughts. Now, as the faint light at the end of a tunnel of unknown length starts to grow in brightness, he provides an update on his company’s constructive response, which demonstrates the importance of imagination and a positive attitude in the event of dramatic unforeseen circumstances ...

food and drink events

The shows must go on. What news of food industry events in the year of few shows?

2020 has not been a good year for baking-related, or any other B2B trade shows and conferences. The pandemic has not only meant cancellation or postponement of live events around the world but has damaged events companies and prevented the industries they serve from learning, networking and doing business at real-world events at a time when up-to-date knowledge and economic stimulation have been most needed.

Baking, food & drinks and packaging shows will help revive and stimulate their sectors going forward, but the format of those events will certainly be different from before with a host of hygiene and distancing measures at least with less human interaction likely although the face-to-face element of the trade show will not disappear ...