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to the Summer 2016 issue of Baking Europe!

Contrary to what you may be          While you’re strapped firmly into    in finished goods with “Pulsed
      expecting, this issue of the   your seat, you may like to partake   Xenon light” to extend shelf life
magazine is not in fact, entirely    of some reading to while away the    (rest assured the Martians haven’t
about the baking industry but        time. Well, you couldn’t do better   just landed!) the summer issue
partly about a “fence”! No, not,     than immersing your head in this     is packed with new and exciting
the wooden, slatted structure that   copy of Baking Europe (Sorry – bit   developments and innovation.
may surround your garden but         of plug there!) We start this issue
the imaginary one that is dividing   with a special report on yeast and   Finally, whilst this might be
the opinions of over 60 million UK   how it may now contribute to         the final time that I write the
residents and, indeed, many more     obesity. In our section on Gluten    Foreword for the magazine as a
Europeans. OK, by now you have       Free, CSIC moves the GF saga         European, whichever way the vote
probably guessed that yes, I am      onto to new ground examining         goes we can only hope that from
talking about the UK referendum      nutritional issues with GF           June 24th 2016 all the banter will
which is due to take place on        products. Elsewhere we look plant    have been a storm in a tea cup
June 23rd.                           sterols and research on some         and that it will be “business as
                                     remarkable results on a new          usual”.
So “what’s this all got to do with   method of sensory profiling!
the price of bread”, as we say in                                         Graham Pendred
the UK – well quite a lot actually   With a piece on barcoding            Publisher
whether the final vote is to “stay”  accuracy from GS1, more
or “leave”, the bakery business is   university studies on energy
in for a bit a turbulence whether    efficiency in the bakery and a
you are a supplier to the industry   report from Fraunhofer i.v.v.
or a baker so please fasten your     on the latest technology on the
seatbelts everyone!                  destruction of mould spores

                                                                          Summer 2016 BAKINGEUROPE
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